Marginal Mondego Spain S.L.

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Our next big step has been taken: the founding and opening of our new company Marginal Mondego Spain S.L. On the 3rd of September 2015, all papers were signed and the existence of our Spanish establishment was made official.

With offices and warehouses in Miranda de Ebro and Barcelona (Bigues i Riells) we are ready to conquer the Spanish market.

The main objective of our new Spanish branch is to strengthen, improve and develop our business on the market Spain – Scandinavia. Furthermore, you can contact Marginal Mondego Spain for distribution and logistic services within Spain and transports between Spain and Portugal.


Marginal Mondego Spain S.L. office & warehouse I
Arbol de Guernica Kalea 3
+351 239 478 281

Marginal Mondego Spain S.L. office & warehouse II
Carrer Esqueis
08415 Bigues i Riells
+351 239 478 281

Hasta luego! ☺

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