Sustainable Malmö & Me

Malmö: our home. And one of the greenest and most sustainable cities in the world.

Now, how do we, as a transport company, fit in this picture of a green, spotless eco-district?
First of all we have to make clear that we are all fully aware of the negative consequences of our business on the environment. Nevertheless, we are doing our outmost best to keep these consequences as low as possible, and at the same time we try to give something back to our nature from what we take from her.

Since the beginning of 2014, Marginal do Mondego has been implementing a new strategy with the objective of reducing the fuel consumption of their trucks. This, of course, to reduce the monthly costs; and by doing so as well decrease the environmental pollution. They have only been buying new or semi-new trucks with extra fuel-efficient engines, which are therefore much environmental friendlier.

We also include all our drivers in this process, since they have a fundamental role in reaching this goal. During an ongoing training course, we make them aware of the negative consequences of bad driving habits, and together with them we look for better ways, so that they in their day-to-day work can contribute to a better wellbeing for all of us.

And with success! The constant and effective control of the trucks of Marginal do Mondego has shown a better performance and efficiency of their fleet, with much lower levels of fuel consumption since they began to implement this strategy last year.

Furthermore, regarding their residues like tires, oils, etc., Marginal do Mondego has contracts with several companies that are specialized in the collection and destruction of these wastes, to avoid them from contaminating our ecosystem.

Moreover, in 2015 we have started a project of reforestation. With this project Mondego AB & Marginal do Mondego commit themselves to plant two trees for every new truck that is bought. That way, we try to compensate for the emissions that this truck is going to make, and give our nature something in return.
Finally, we can state that our team as well as Marginal do Mondego’s team consist of environmental responsible people and together we work for keeping our ecological footprint as small as possible during our day-to-day life and work.

At Mondego AB, we are even already totally paperless!

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